Manual Hatches


  • The products have coloured filling plates in the gaps around the frame. The purpose of these filling plates is to maintain a uniform gap around the product for easy installation. We advise to leave these in place until the installation is completely finished and the glue is dry.
    • When these fiilling plates are removed the frame can deform when glued to the wall.
  • Check if the product measurements match the drawing measurements
  • Check before you start installation if the panels are straight and flat on both sides.
  • Check the positioning of the window in the panel.
  • Cut the hole according to measurements in the panel.
  • Check if the product fits well in the cut-out.
  • Preparation of the panel
  • Clean and degrease the surface you want to glue. Then apply Sika activator 100 (or equivalent) according to the instruction of the manufacturer.
  • Apply primer Sika 207 (or equivalent) to the surface according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Preparation of the product
  • Sand the surface with sandpaper, clean and degrease the product. Then apply Sika activator 100 (or equivalent)
  • Apply primer Sika 206 GP (or equivalent) according to the instructions of the manufacturer. As an alternative Sika 207 can be used.


  • Apply glue Sikaflex 252 (or equivalent) to the framework. (put only glue on the flat outside surface of the frame, not on the inside).
  • Place the framework in the opening and apply pressure to the frame.
  • Make sure the frame is completely straight, not bend or twisted in any direction specifically on the position of the lock.
  • Remove excessive glue.
    • Do not open the product and do not use clamps to clamp the frame in the wall panel.
  • Wait for 24 hours.
  • Remove the filling plates and open the product, check if the wall panel is still flat and even. If the wall panel is not flat and straight adjust this to the correct position. An un flat or not straight wall panel will influence the functioning and closing of the Outbound product and can result in a product that is not waterproof.
  • Close the product and make sure the wall and product are completely straight and flat, this is especially important near the lock, if needed use the filling plates to make sure everything is straight.
  • Finish the inside glue seam with Sika 252.
  • After 24 hours the product can be used and if applicable gas springs can be mounted.

Hole Measurements

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