New Product - Cabin door / Pass through hatch

In the same style as our door and hatches we now also offer a Cabin door, the door is meant to be used as a pass through door between cabin and living area. The door has 2 standard doorhandles and has a standard knobcilinder on the inside living area, and a keycilinder on the outside.

The door is opening to the inside of the living area and can be ordered with the hinge on the left or the right side. The door can be opened 180°.

For more information click here.

Additionally we also introduce a new size hatch. - LU-38 W80 x H60cm.

For more information about our hatches click here.

Abenteuer & Allrad exhibition 2017 - Bad Kissingen

From the 15th till the 18th of June we will be present on the Abenteuer & Allrad Messe in Bad-Kissingen Germany. In the mean time for the 5th year in a row we will demonstrate our complete program of windows, doors, roofwindows and hatches.

This year you will find us at booth C20, for more information check the website: or find the floorplan here: You are welcome to discuss all options and possiblities of our products with one of the members of our team. This year we show our most recent option for extra fine mesh on the roller blinds.

See you in Bad-Kissingen.

Cover plates for our windows and roofwindows now available!

After extensive development and testing we are now ready to launch our cover plates. Our cover plates will protect not only against possible break-in attempts but also against damage during shipping and driving.

Magnetic lock cover

For those who like to venture through the most extreme area's of our planet we now have additional protection to keep our locks in the best shape possible. This small cover is CNC milled aluminium featuring two magnets that snap the cover in place keeping the sand and dirt out. This lock cover can be installed on any of our doors and hatches.

Abenteuer & Allrad messe 2015 - Bad Kissingen

For the third year running Outbound Motorhome Products will be present at the Abenteuer & Allrad messe in Bad Kissingen (Germany) from June 4th - June 7th.

In 2015 we can be found at the same spot as previous years, this year our stand number is C21 and a ground plan can be found here.

Bigger sized hatches now available

After many requests for hatches in larger sizes we are now offering two bigger sized hatches, the LU-60 (185 x 61cm) and LU-70 (135 x 125 cm) have been added to our product range. For a complete set of measurements please have a look at the hatches product page.

These new size hatches will be available at €1.525,- inc. VAT for the LU-60 and €1.965,- inc. VAT for the LU-70

Outbound Motorhome Products present at Abenteuer & Allrad fair 2014

After the big success of the 2013 Abenteuer & Allrad fair in Bad Kissingen Outbound motorhome products will also be present at this years edition.

At the fair we will showcase a selection of our products build in a motorhome as well as products displayed in a demo setup for close inspection. You can find us at stand C40.

The Abenteuer & Allrad fair runs from June 19th till June 22nd and is the biggest 4x4/cross-country fair of Europe.

Outbound Motorhome Products present at Abenteuer & Allrad fair

Outbound motorhome products will be present this year at the Abenteuer & Allrad fair held in Bad Kissingen (Germany) the fair runs from May 30th till June 2nd. The Abenteuer & Allrad fair is the biggest 4x4/cross-country fair of Europe.

At the Abenteuer & Allrad fair Outbound motorhome products will present their whole line of products to the public for the first time, we will also present a completely new line of roof windows with matching roller blinds. The products will be presented in demo walls as well as built in a 4x4 motorhome.

Outbound Motorhome products can be found at the Abenteuer & Allrad beurs at stand T11.

New website Outbound motorhome products

On our new website you will find information about windows, hatches, doors and roller blinds for expedition vehicles, campers and other special vehicles. The products can be ordered through this site.

The windows are equipped with isolation glas and a pressure system to make the windows high altitude proof. The hatches and doors are equipped with aluminium handles and the locks are very sturdy with a quality label. All used materials are of very high quality

All outbound products are designed and produced in the same style so that using multiple products in a vehicle results in a great end result.

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