About Us

Outbound expedition vehicles arised out of the shared passion from Jan and Dianne van Haandel for travelling and motor vehicles. While building the first Outbound truck they quickly realised that there were little high quality and affordable windows and hatches available which suited their needs. In order to be able to provide their truck with the desired windows that fitted nicely, they started developing and producing them themselves.

Builders from other expedition vehicles, campers and private builders noticed the windows and hatches and started to ask if they were able to produce these windows and hatches for them as well. Because Jan and Dianne like to share their knowledge and passion, they further developed the windows, hatches and doors until they were satisfied with the products. These products are now for sale on this website.

The windows, doors and hatches are available in various sizes and there are also custom built roller blinds available which fit the windows perfectly. If you are looking for high quality products to fit on your vehicle, have a look at our products