Our windows are now suitable for walls from 40mm upwards! Contact us for more info!

Doors, fiberglass-reinforced polyester with insulation

The doors are specifically designed for use in expedition vehicles. The products are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic with a high-insulating foam core. In combination with high-quality materials, this makes the products extremely suitable for the most extreme conditions and special adventures.

Door (DE-10-3P)

Door with insect screen (HOPL-20)

Door with window (RA-05 and BL-05)

Good to

Insulated fiberglass-reinforced plastic

Approximate color RAL 9003

Construction without thermal bridge

Based on smart material choices

Aluminum locking handle

Black anodized

Flat structure

Nearly flush to wall

Opening angle 180⁰

For maximum inlet

Keyed alike

With other products

Type Size Price
DE-10-3P 55 x 170 €1750,-
DE-15-3P 61 x 170 €1793,-
DE-20-3P 61 x 185 €1831,-
  • Our prices do not include VAT.
  • 3P = three-point locking system

Option Fits on Price
Door window RA-05 Fixed incl. installation €619,-
Door window blind BL-05 RA-05 Fixed €273,-
Insect screen HO-PL-10 DE-10 €374,-
Insect screen HO-PL-15 DE-15 €393,-
Insect screen HO-PL-20 DE-20 €393,-
Insect screen door sill DD €25,-
  • Our prices do not include VAT.

What wall thickness are Outbound doors suitable for?

Our doors are easy to use in a wall of 60 to 85 millimeters. If the wall thickness is less than 60 millimeters, the wall must be filled and reinforced on the inside by means of a frame. For wall thicknesses above 85 millimeters, the frame does not extend to the interior side of the wall.

Can the lock be made keyed alike with the other products in the order?

The products in your order will have identical locks, unless otherwise specified by you.

Can the door be supplied with either left or right hand opening?

Yes. Please inform us at point of order.

Does the door come with a flyscreen door?

The insect screen is an option added by most customers, but it is not a necessity.

Are sizes on demand possible?

The fiberglass-reinforced plastic parts are produced as a single piece using molds. Because of this, we provide beautiful seamless products, but sizes on demand are not available.

Are the products sprayable?

The fiberglass-reinforced plastic parts are gel coated. Sanding these lightly allows the frame to be sprayed without any problems. For this purpose, we can supply the self-adhesive sealing rubbers separately. Please inform us at point of order.