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Roller blinds, blackout and mosquito-proof

The roller blinds fit seamlessly with Outbound’s windows and roof windows. The roller blind is mosquito-proof with full blackout. It also has an adjustment slider so any position can be chosen thanks to its magnetic locking system. The roller blinds can be supplied in white and matte black and fine mesh is also available.

Roller blind white (CH-20)

Roller blind Black (CH-20)

Good to

Aluminium casting

In colors white and matte black


Light gray

Insect screen

Standard and fine mesh


Special dimensions on request

Type Fits on Price
CH-03 RA / DR-03 €366,-
CH-03-FM RA / DR-03 €405,-
CH-05 RA / DR-05 €366,-
CH-05-FM RA / DR-05 €419,-
CH-10 RA-10 €366,-
CH-10-FM RA-10 €419,-
CH-20 RA / DR-20 €371,-
CH-20-FM RA / DR-20 €424,-
CH-30 RA / DR-30 €371,-
CH-30-FM RA / DR-30 €424,-
CH-35 RA-35 €377,-
CH-35-FM RA-35 €448,-
CH-40 RA / DR-40 €390,-
CH-40-FM RA / DR-40 €462,-
CH-42 RA-42 €423,-
CH-42-FM RA-42 €507,-
CH-50 RA-50 €467,-
CH-50-FM RA-50 €573,-
  • Our prices do not include VAT.

When is fine mesh (FM) recommended?

Some areas are home to very small insects, such as midges. For these areas, a roller blind with fine mesh (FM) is recommended.

Are sizes on demand possible?

Our roller blinds can also be produced to order. The minimum deliverable width is 430 mm, the minimum height is 200 mm. The maximum width is 1500 mm and the maximum height is 1200 mm. If the height is greater than the width, consultation is necessary.