Our windows are now suitable for walls from 40mm upwards! Contact us for more info!

The Rebel 4x4

The off-road-capable expedition vehicle

Embark on an unparalleled off-road adventure with the RHÖN CAMP The Rebel 4×4-an exceptional expedition vehicle designed by RHÖN CAMP, part of the renowned German company Volklandt GmbH. This leading edge model seamlessly combines German engineering precision with a robust 4×4 platform to ensure reliability in a variety of terrains.

This vehicle is a statement to German innovation in off-road vehicles and invites enthusiasts to explore the untamed with confidence.

Prior to 2024, the Rebel 4×4 exclusively featured Outbound windows, skylights and roller-blinds. However, starting in 2024, it now proudly incorporates Outbound doors and hatches, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. This integration reflects a commitment to providing overland enthusiasts with a seamless and premium experience that redefines every expedition as nothing short of extraordinary.

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