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Truckhouse BCT

The mid-size expedition vehicle for the adventurous nomad

TruckHouse, a major player in the off-road vehicle industry, proudly introduced the TruckHouse BCT, its flagship model meticulously engineered for challenging off-road adventures. This fully-featured off-road vehicle is a rugged and reliable choice designed specifically for serious enthusiasts seeking durability and exceptional performance in demanding terrain.

Unmatched use of glass

There is no other vehicle with such extensive glass coverage on all sides. This brings the outdoor ambiance to its maximum indoors.

The TruckHouse BCT is the pioneering model from this esteemed brand that exemplifies its commitment to producing top-of-the-line off-road vehicles. Founded in the iconic Sierra Nevada region of the USA, TruckHouse takes pride in creating these exceptional vehicles that embody the spirit of American craftsmanship.

In 2019, TruckHouse has strategically partnered with Outbound for the supply of windows, skylights and doors, emphasizing the values of quality, reliability and exceptional service. From the outset, the BCT reflects TruckHouse’s commitment to a carbon fiber box philosophy, integrating Outbound products with rugged GRP frames – a unique feature that sets it apart in the off-road vehicle sector.

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