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Earthroamer LTI

Complete carbon fiber box

Nestled in the rugged terrain of Colorado, EarthRoamer introduced some years ago the EarthRoamer LTI, a flagship overland expedition vehicle that combines cutting-edge technology with premium luxury. Built on the formidable Ford F-550 platform, the LTI seamlessly integrates Outbound windows, roof windows and roller blinds into its carbon fiber box, creating a unique overland vehicle of space, durability and supreme luxury.

Panoramic view

Integrating Outbound windows, skylights and roller-blinds into the carbon fiber box isn’t just a design choice; it’s a confirmation to EarthRoamer’s commitment to excellence. The Outbound windows and roof windows not only provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, but also contribute to the structural integrity of the vehicle. Crafted with systematic attention to detail, the Outbound products enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the EarthRoamer LTI, providing a clear connection to the outside world. The LTI showcased a groundbreaking approach by integrating the window frames directly into the carbon fiber box, a concept that has since been adopted by others.

EarthRoamer pioneered the application of this technology to overland vehicles, ensuring a living space that is not only stronger, safer and more reliable, but also offers improved aesthetics, aerodynamics and thermal insulation.

Every detail contributes to a vehicle that seamlessly combines strength, luxury and sustainability, promising an unparalleled overland adventure from the challenging terrains of Colorado to remote landscapes.

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