Mercedes Rundhauber 911 Hybrid 

A classic hybrid expedition vehicle

The founders of Outbound have built over the past two years a new boundary-pushing expedition vehicle. They used a 30 years old fire truck as a basis again, this time a 4X4 Mercedes Rundhauber 911 which they completely stripped and rebuilt into a stunning state of the art expedition vehicle. Part of this transformation process was to turn it into a hybrid vehicle. The first or at least one of the first hybrid expedition vehicles, able to drive approximately 30KM fully electrified, within his class today.

Flush reinforced polyester frames

The flush reinforced polyester frames of all Outbound products in the, outside, wall give the vehicle an even sleeker appearance.

Over the last two years the new built vehicle took their owners already to several remote places. Satisfactorily fulfilling the needs of the seasoned travelers. More travels over the years to follow.