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The Outbound Pioneer

How it started

About 12 years ago Outbound’s successful journey began with the built of this expedition vehicle. The 1988 MAN G90 4×4, originally a fire truck, served faithfully for years before undergoing a complete re-built into a stunning, self-sufficient 4×4 expedition vehicle with a modern look. The timeless appearance, both inside and outside, is still considered up-to-date, showcasing a design that was ahead of its time.

New windows, skylights, doors, hatches and roller- blinds were specifically designed for this vehicle, laying the groundwork for the products that Outbound currently offers. The DE-10, RA-20, LU-20, LU-30V, LU-40, DR-40 and roller-blinds, featured in this vehicle, mark the initial product types introduced by Outbound at that time.

The experience gained by the founders of Outbound during their extensive travels has contributed to the continuous improvement of the products.

It is great to see the MAN exploring North-America with its new owner. Bringing the new owner to remote places.

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