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Earthroamer SX

Low body weight and high performance

The EarthRoamer SX is an evolutionary leap in overland exploration, merging cutting-edge technology from their LTI line with enhancements that redefine expedition vehicles. This remarkable compact and sporty model showcases the luxury EarthRoamer is known for in combination with a rugged and powerful vehicle appearance, elevating the overlanding experience to new heights.

In the EarthRoamer SX, the journey is as much about the view as it is about the destination. The seamless integration of Outbound windows and two skylights enhances the experience, providing panoramic views and an total connection with the outdoors. Crafted for durability and elegance, these windows contribute to the structural integrity of the vehicle, seamlessly integrated into the carbon fiber box.

Dual skylights, another remarkable feature

The dual skylights, another remarkable feature, flood the living space with natural light, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Whether stargazing from your sleeping area or enjoying scenic beauty during the day, the skylights transform every moment on the road into a captivating experience.

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