Twiga Demonstration Vehicle

Custom-made expedition vehicles

Embark on a unique adventure in the new demonstration expedition vehicle from Twiga Travel Cars, known as Twiga. This exceptional vehicle is a statement of Twiga’s innovative capabilities, seamlessly combining the latest in overland technology with luxurious features. Utilizing a complete range of Outbound products, Twiga ensures an unparalleled overland experience that combines functionality with luxurious comfort.

Designed for exploration and crafted with precision, Twiga’s demo expedition vehicle showcases the seamless integration of Outbound windows, skylights, doors, hatches and roller-blinds.

Roof terrace accessibility via the Outbound skylight

Twiga is proud to introduce a new feature: a roof terrace accessible through the largest Outbound skylight. This innovative design not only adds to the vehicle’s appeal, but also provides adventurers with a unique and natural way to connect with their surroundings. Whether stargazing under a clear night sky or enjoying panoramic views of breathtaking scenery, the roof deck transforms expedition moments into an extraordinary and memorable experience.

Twiga’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of off-road travel is shown by the demonstration vehicle that served as the technical support vehicle during the Dakar Rally. As Twiga continues to redefine exploration, the Dakar Rally journey represents a remarkable chapter in their pursuit of excellence in overland adventure, where luxury seamlessly meets the rugged thrill of the unknown.

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